God is Love

God is mysterious. God is unknowable. God’s ways are unfathomable. Yet like the wind, the air we breathe, God’s presence is unmistakable. Reasoning, trying to figure out God and His ways, is a dead end. Feeling, intuition, sensing His presence, accepting Him as the guide: these are the ways to know God, that is, feel God. Love is not rational, not logical, cannot be induced and deduced, but is felt, is present, is obvious as it washes over us and cleanses us, gives us an overwhelming peace. Love is not bound by time or place. Love simply is. 

The voice is heard, air is breathed, thirst is quenched, the wilderness is watered with life, amid the Love of God. 

Love is about feeling, the affective, it is not absolute. God loves us in the moment, because humans live in the moment. We can each and every minute feel God’s love. God is absolute and his knowledge is absolute. But His love is contingent upon time—it is a reaching out to humans living in time. Love is also about desire. Desire to be with someone, extend out to the other, merge with the other, share with the other. God’s love is not just an intellectual love. Love is a feeling. God’s love must be a feeling. Hence God desires us to love him, be with him, be one with him. To be one with a person is to have the same mindset, the same feelings. If God loves us always he is hoping that we will too. But if we don’t respond to God’s love with commensurate love, it is in that sense that we are not conforming to God’s will. Free will is simply one’s decision each moment to love God or reject God, love God or something else, someone else, like oneself. God outside of time knows all things. God acts in time with love, via the Holy Spirit, leaving the response to His desire up to us. The freedom of the will is done in the confines of God’s grace, that is, His love.

Love is not rational but intuitive, feeling, mysterious, transcendent, unconditional, a union, a warmth, an emotional attraction.  God rules Creation by Love. God’s will is me, in me. One may access it intuitively and by prayer. Love is the active verb, hence to access God’s love is by loving him, loving all creatures, the whole creation. The is clearly what Jesus did, hence to act in love is to imitate Jesus. So to find love is to find God. To share love is to share God, to form an empathetic communion that is God.

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