Andrew McCrillis of Early New Hampshire and Maine

Andrew McCrillis was born on August 21, 1775, Meredith, NH. He died on Feb. 27, 1856, in Maine.

Andrew McCrillis was Maria Antoinette Nettie McCrillis’s grandfather, and since Maria was Lida Jane Collamore’s mother, hence Roland Newcomb’s grandmother, then Andrew McCrillis was Roland Newcomb’s great-great grandfather, Shirley Newcomb Phillips’ great-great-great grandfather, and Linda Phillips Lawson, Craig Phillips, and Joy Phillips Bonitz’s great-great-great-great grandfather.

He was born in Meredith, New Hampshire, near Lake Winnipesaukee, when this region of New Hampshire was being settled by newcomers, especially from Massachusetts, in the years before the American Revolution. The economy at the time he was born was farming and lumbering. Andrew would have been an infant during the war, but since there was little action in New Hampshire, especially around Lake Winnipesaukee, he doubtless only experienced the economic privation brought to New Hampshire by the war. His father was James McCrillis, a Massachusetts immigrant, and his mother was Deborah Whitcher McCrillis. His son, Maria’s father, was Randall Phineas McCrillis, born June 5, 1821 in Maine.

Andrew married Betsey Webb from Maine at an indeterminable point; they lived in Maine for many years, living in old age with their son Randall in Palmyra, Somerset Co., Maine, in 1850 when Andrew was 75 years old and Betsey was 72 years old. After Andrew’s death, Betsey lived with her son until her death in 1868 at age 90.


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